So...Who Attends and What do we do?

The camp has evolved from a strictly running camp for high school cross
country athletes to a fitness camp for anyone.  We have more non-cross
country athletes than hardcore runners.  We have also attracted about an
even split of middle schoolers to high schoolers.  

The mix of talents levels, sport interests and ages has made for an unique
and very entertaining summer camp.  The first hour of the camp is mostly
stretching, agility and strength activities.  The second hour is mostly running
intervals, repetitions, circuit training or relay races.  We have different
distances for different sport interests.  So, not everyone runs the cross
country distances.

We will vary the activities by including core exercises and/or yoga.  Everyone
will find some activity where they can excel.  There will be MANY
opportunities to have fun while getting fit
Coach Borel's Summer
Fitness Camp
Who are we?

Coach Borel's Summer Fitness Camp is an
opportunity for 5th through 12th graders to get off the
couch in the summer, join similar age students
from area schools and experience a challenging yet
entertaining physical exercise camp.  We have been
doing this for over 20 years and have grown to serve
over 75 athletes in 2020. Coach Borel is the 19
time LTFCA La. Coaches Award recipient in Cross
Country and has received the LTFCA Life-Time Achievement Award. He also serves as distance track coach for
a local high school.  Coach Borel has coached 6
individual state champion runners, 11 individual state
champion runner-ups, 19 state champion CC
teams, and dozens of All-State and All-Metro athletes.
What's new for 2021.

In 2021, Coach Borel's Summer Fitness Camp will be adding new circuit training stations.  These
new stations will strengthen athletes and make them more flexible and agile. All fall sports (football,
cross country, soccer, basketball and volleyball) use these physical traits.  We think that these
stations will make you a better athlete.

We will always meet at Independence Park.  There will be a large tent for us to get protection from
the sun and rain.  There are restrooms available on site.