About Us

Coach Borel's Summer Fitness Camp started as a summer training session for high school cross
country runners and their cousins and parents.  It was very casual.  No fees, no structure, no

As the word got out about our fun approach to exercise, more athletes came.  Not all of them where
cross country athletes.  Soon, moms were attending our twice weekly sessions.  In some years we
were training entire soccer and cross country teams from other schools.

The moms did a lot of talking and within a few years the camp was attracting as many soccer,
basketball and football athletes as cross country runners.  Our camp evolved from 17 athletes 20 years
ago to
75 athletes in 2020.

We now focus on fitness with fun for any 5th to 12th grader regardless of sport choice or ability.   The
camp is about half hardcore cross country athletes and half every other sport imaginable and even
some campers who just want to belong to a fun group in the summer.

Coach Borel is a high school math teacher and cross country/track coach.  He has been teaching over 25 years at
area Catholic high schools.  Prior to that, he held executive positions in banking and state/local government.

As an athlete, Coach Borel is an avid runner, swim and cycle trainer, and
ex-soccer player.  As a coach, his teams have
won 19 state championships and 12 runner up titles in cross country in the last 2
0 years and has coached 6 individual state
distance champions and 11 state champion runner-ups.  He has also coached dozens of All-State and All-Metro athletes.  
He has a wife and 2 young adult children who also run and play soccer.

The camp employs as counselors recently graduated high school athletes who have trained under Coach Borel.  All of
these counselors ran on state champion teams and are carefully screened and trained on sexual, physical and mental
harassment issues.

The camp is owned by an LLC and is fully insured.